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From the mind of ETHAN REDD, "KILLER AUTO" is a fresh, innovative take on explosive futuristic racing, featuring an all-star posse OST with brand new music from 2 Mello, Christa Lee, SKYBRIDGE, and Skylar Spence! Sporting unique all-range 2-dimensional steering, players can strafe, pull-up, dive, drift and boost their way from the danger zone to victory. Taking place at the height of the annual "PILOTS FOR PEACE" global exhibition league, hotshot up-and-comer Otto Mattock and reformed ex-con mechanic Justin "Killer" Times must put aside their personal differences for their team's redemption after an embarrassing loss at the last year's Grand Prix finale. Lean in, gear up, and put the pedal to the metal; it's time to bring home the gold.


"Killer Auto"'s roots run back to one of lead developer Ethan Redd's first released games (and his first collaboration with "Killer Auto"'s audio leads, SKYBRIDGE), "FATAL FLIGHT", a small procedural arcade shooter sharing a similar perspective and control scheme. Years after its release, Redd started a fresh prototype as a short-term side-project to release while developing the team's main project, "Blazing Legion: Ignition", over a longer-term, expanding on the the original game's core and shifting the emphasis from combat to racing and local multiplayer play. During "Killer Auto"'s development, Redd took cues from a variety of influences, including SEGA's retro classics Power Drift and Outrun 2, mid-'90s Capcom-inspired character design and art direction, and Burnout 3: Takedown's aggressive approach to racing.


  • Take racing to the skies with the unique and intuitive 2-dimensional steering controls! Drift, strafe, and blast through 7 death-defying themed tracks, each with their own unique hazards to overcome
  • Race for the gold against fierce bots in Grand Prix tournament mode, or aim for the top time in solo Time Attack mode
  • Risk it all and blast into "The Danger Zone"; fly low, weave through tight spaces, and find alternate routes to refuel your boost meter and get back in the action.
  • Local multiplayer split-screen insanity supporting up to 4 players!
  • All new original soundtrack featuring brand new music from 2 MELLO, CHRISTA LEE, SKYBRIDGE, and SKYLAR SPENCE!


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